Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bernadette Giblin Looks Forward to the Annual Gathering

A special guest blog entry from Bernadette Giblin, NOFA-AOLCP & Founder, Safeground Landcare one of our Annual Gathering speakers!

I’m looking forward to the NOFA OLC 2012’s Annual Gathering entitled "Success with the Organic Land Care Market"
Rockaway, Queens, after Hurricane Sandy.
Like you, right about now I’m doing a professional year in review. The annual gathering always gives me some much needed inspiration which I’m typically running low on by now. Getting to hear all the gains made in the movement, the latest new strategies as well as reminders on the tried and true best practices is always reinvigorating. Aside from learning what colleagues are up to we all get to share our lessons learned from another growing season here on Planet Earth. Who would have thought there’d be a drought on Earth day and a Super Storm on the eve of Halloween capable of flooding NYC subways and leaving areas looking like a war zone?
In addition to Super Storms, there’s the ever changing nature of the growing season. Weather once typical in Maryland is now occurring in Massachusetts. There’s no better time to be a NOFA AOLCP. There’s no better time to gain the skill, knowledge and understanding to deal with the environmental changes that affect our ability to care for the land with integrity and professionalism.

I had the pleasure of working collaboratively with the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission (PVPC) as the grant writer and consultant on The Toxics Use Reduction Institute (TURI) @ UMASS Lowell’s regional grant funded project. Creating Safeground: Transitioning 5 Parks in Western Massachusetts to a 100% Pesticide & Synthetic Free Organic Land Care Strategy

Here is a preview of the presentation on the five organic demonstrations in Western Massachusetts
The new vital stakeholders in your community
Effective outreach & marketing to build capacity
Kicking the synthetics
Create lasting health and safety in your local environment
Fear vs. Fun
Come to connect with old friends and network with new ones.
Get inspired and get ready for a successful 2013 organic land care season! 
Hope to see you December 5th in Sturbridge!