Thursday, April 24, 2014

OLC Chat's Tonight 4/24 with Priscilla Hutt Williams

Happy Belated Earth Day!

The OLC Chat Series  will be moving to Thursdays @ 8pm  with our first talk TONIGHT 4/24. The new conference line is 1-631-482-9099 that can be accessed via phone or computer. This week I will be talking with Priscilla Hutt Williams. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Out & About with AOLCP Melissa Miles

by Kathy Litchfield

Employing “Common Sense” Principles for a More Positive, Permanent Future

PHILADELPHIA, PA -- Melissa Miles shared one word when describing her first job out of college – “awful!”
An environmental engineer at an oil refinery, she spent hours after work freeing geese stuck in oil pits that weren't supposed to be left open and driving them to a bird rescue in Delaware.
“It was perhaps the best example of the worst we've done, but a really good experience for me to see that first hand,” said the Philly native who has dedicated her life’s work to permaculture design, ecological restoration, green building and environmental activism.