Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Action Alert for CT residents - Voice your support to extend the Ban on Pesticides at K-12th grade schools


Dear Friends,
CT NOFA is part of the CT Safegrounds Coalition. Today we are writing because we need your help.  Lawn pesticides are some of the most toxic chemicals used where people live, work, and play.  These chemicals are wreaking havoc on our health and the environment.  Children are among the most vulnerable when it comes to toxic chemical exposure, so we must do everything we can to protect them.
This year, there will be bills introduced to ban the use of toxic lawn pesticides at high schools, parks, playgrounds, municipal sports field and town greens where our children are being involuntarily exposed to toxic chemicals that are linked to cancer, birth defects, and are considered endocrine disrupters.  To read more about the dangers associated with toxic lawn pesticides click:
The power is in your hands.  We are asking you to call or email your representatives today and tell them to support legislation that would ban toxic lawn pesticides in all places where children play.  To find your representatives click:
Please state the following or put it into your own words and speak from the heart.
“Please support HB-5330 and SB-46.  I am very concerned about Connecticut’s children being exposed to toxic lawn pesticides and am very pleased that Connecticut now has a law prohibiting the use of toxic lawn pesticides at day care centers and school grounds with children through grade 8.  But why are our young people not protected in other places like high schools, parks, playgrounds, municipal sports fields and town greens where they are involuntarily exposed to these toxic chemicals?  Please support legislation to protect Connecticut’s children wherever they may be exposed to toxic lawn pesticides.”
Thank you for all you do.  We have faith that the Connecticut legislature will do what is best for the citizens of Connecticut, but we need to make sure they know what we want.  Call or write your legislator today.  Together we CAN make a difference!