Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Out & About with AOLCPs

"Out & About with AOLCPs" 
Lifelong Wildlife Lover Nash Pradhan Designs with Respect for Nature

By Kathy Litchfield

When Nash Pradhan told his parents he wanted to move to the United States, they thought he was "absolutely crazy." The Nairobi, Kenya  native was just 24 years old and his three brothers and four sisters didn't share his aspirations. His father worked for a canvas sewing production company while his mother raised the family.

 "I was the only wild one that decided one day, after finishing high school and a couple years of agricultural college in Kenya, to go the States," said Pradhan, who had worked as a courier taking tourists to the game parks and interpreting the flora and fauna of East Africa for them. He had always loved the flowers, trees and wildlife of his native country and enjoyed sharing his knowledge and taking photographs. He climbed Mount Kilimanjaro three times and also attended the Outward Bound Mountain School.