Wednesday, January 11, 2017

AOLCP Snapshot - Kevin Wengernuk

Here is our new series, AOLCP Snapshot, where we ask a few questions to get the "word on
Kevin Wengernuk
the street" from professionals located in the 20 states where AOLCPs can be found.

We begin with Kevin Wengernuk, President of KW Landscaping Inc. located in Severn, Maryland.  Kevin has been an AOLCP since 2011 and he is also a Green Roof Professional. 

How was your business year in 2016?

KW: "2016 was a very busy year, especially in the end as I sold more projects then I could finish before years end. I did find that more potential clients were searching out organic alternatives to care for there landscapes but sadly there were still plenty that don't care or just don’t understand why its so important. Education is so important but unfortunately sometimes it falls on deaf ears. I also found that there was more acceptance and interest in native plants being part of my landscape designs, I hope to push this trend more in 2017."
Share something that you learned last year, whether about horticulture or the horticultural business. 
KW:"The coolest thing that I learned this year is how easy it is to bring that deeper side of nature to a client’s property because of these two experiences. 
After planting three swamp milkweed plants next to my bedroom window in 2015, this August, I had 10-15 monarch butterflies emerge from their chrysalids. One of which I found on the ground with a broken wing, but after holding her for a few moments and allowing her to walk on my fingers she proudly flew away out of sight.
Just after thanksgiving, I was servicing a water fall that my crew had installed. Within minutes of it running, I had numerous honey bees collecting water off the rocks which were wet from the splashes of water.
Creating landscapes with specific flowers or even splashing water, attracts so much to a clients backyard giving them a closer connection to mother earth… I want to enable my clients to enjoy more of these types of experiences all season long…"

What are you looking forward to in 2017, and what do you plan to do differently?
KW:"I am looking forward to continuing to push the envelope of my creative brain to create landscapes that mother earth would be proud of and will allow my clients to come even closer to nature…
The biggest thing that I plan to do differently is review my numbers more often so I can make sure I reach my set financial goals for my business…"
Thanks Kevin, for taking time to share your perspective with us! -JM