Monday, August 1, 2016

Michael Nadeau - A Beloved Founder of NOFA Organic Land Care Program

Mike, enjoying consulting
Wholistic Land Care Consultanting, LLC
Michael Nadeau, AOLCP since 2007 

Michael Nadeau's thirty plus years in the organic landscaping business have positioned him as one of the leading authorities in the field of sustainable, organic and ethical land care strategies in the US.

Michael holds a Master of Science degree in Plant & Soil Science from the University of Maine, and helped develop both the NOFA Standards in Organic Land Care and the NOFA Organic Lawn and Turf Course Manual: the only 100% organic manual for the care of athletic fields and home lawns.

He is a founding member of the NOFA Organic Land Care Program, an instructor of the 30 hour NOFA Accreditation Course in Organic Land Care  and is a published writer on subjects including ecological, sustainable, and organic land-care topics.
Mike uses vinegar to knockdown grass
Michael is sought after for creating attractive, sustainable and restorative environments using NOFA-approved organic practices that respect the ecology of the property and reflect the philosophy of the client. Michael's organic and sustainable holistic land care programs carefully maximize wildlife habitat with specific plantings and techniques, improving the overall health of land, water, and wildlife. Improved functionality controls erosion, and reduces long-term maintenance costs, and environmental degradation, while enhancing natural beauty. Excerpted from Wholistic Land Care Consultant website.