Thursday, October 9, 2014

Julie Snell - Presenter of Site Analysis, Design and Management at the Mid-Atlantic Accreditation Course in Philadelphia Dec 8-11

We love to highlight the work and accomplishments of our AOLCPs and our course presenters.
Julie Snell, ASLA and AOLCP, will be teaching at the NOFA course for the first time!

Julie writes: 
Since learning about NOFA's Organic Land Care Program, I have had the amazing opportunity to apply the principles of health, ecology, care and fairness in many aspects of my work. Whether it is managing public landscapes in Philadelphia, teaching a university urban ecology class,​ or in establishing my own practice, the ecological standards that NOFA upholds have been a valuable guide.

​During my first day of the Accreditation Course in Organic Land Care in New Haven, I ​quickly ​realized we needed to bring this training to Philadelphia. Fast forward to this year 2014 - I'm thrilled to be teaching the Site Analysis, Design and Management section at  ​the 2014 Mid-Atlantic Accreditation Course in Philadelphia!

Here is an example of a project which we recently completed at TEND.  In preparation for the ​installation of the new ​Market Street Dog Run, ​TEND specified the pruning of existing trees, aeration of soil, and incorporation of leaf mold into the trees' root zone month​s prior to construction.
Photos from TEND landscape inc.
We planted Ornamental grass, Sorghastrum nutans (Indian grass) at the Market Street Dog Run.