Friday, July 12, 2013

"If you don't like the weather in New England, just wait a few minutes." Mark Twain

Last night I had the opportunity to get together with the NOFA OLC Education Committee.  In addition to enjoying sharing a healthy meal and some funny stories, I love connecting with other who share my passion for the organic land care movement. I get to bounce ideas off them and learn about new developments, while listening a few tips and offering up some nuggets of my own.  In the end we all leave with updated perspective on our marketplace and how to better meet those demands. 

The weather seemed to be a big part of our discussion. We could all agree our region’s climate has definitely changed.  And, today I found myself scrolling through doing some fact checking for this post’s title. I wanted to make sure I had this famous quote correct before using it. It’s always good to do research, because it seems my sweet ole’ mom, whose been saying it to me all my life, has been slightly misquoting Mr. Twain.  See she had the wait time at a minute as opposed to Mr. Twain’s actual wait time of a few minutes. Truth is we’ve all waited long enough for the soggy weather to pass and the normal summer weather we like to arrive.  But no normal is coming.

South of us, Ashville, North Carolinians are racking up there wettest six months ever.  NOAA scientists also reported that the globally averaged temperature for May 2013 was the third warmest since record keeping started in 1880.  And 2012, was the 2nd costliest year with 110 billion in storm disaster damages. Hurricane Sandy racked up $65 billion in the northeast and drought in the West caused damages of $30 million. (

"Extreme climate is the new normal," Todd Harrington said last night. We all agreed.  But, we also agreed as with all adversity there is an equal or greater gift. Consumers are waking up to the urgency to do things different for the Earth. And NOFA OLC is committed to bringing more training and education to more professionals who want to respond responsibly. 

As a trained AOLCP you’ll have a competitive edge with a business mission aligned with the greater good. Come learn the latest techniques from leading experts with records of success. Face this new normal with a set of new skills and supports to better protect water, improve soil and create beautiful lawns and turf.  Plus learn how to whether the economic changes with the new confidence you'll gain on how to effectively market your mission to your community and grow your business. Register today for the July 26th OLC Lawn & Turf Course 

Look forward to seeing you there! 

Bernadette Giblin, NOFA-AOLCP
DIY Coach, Organic Land Care Consultant & Founder of Safeground Organic Landcare